I spend some time everyday reading about topics that inspire me, drive me, make me creative, make me angry, give me hope. I curate some of my favorite content here, so that my personal jumble of inspiration is just a click away!


“Design is all about finding solutions within constraints. If there were no constraints, it’s not design — it’s art.” — Matias Duarte, Vice President of Design at Google

“It’s easy to forget, in a world of incredible possibility and infinite creativity, the power of simplicity.”

Articles from Mind In India, which shares real stories of people across the spectrum of mental illnesses and experiences.

Andrew Littman’s Dribbble portfolio  for when I’m doing a bit of illustrating on my own, or want to relive the magic of illustrations.

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman, which I read every once in a while to remember how it all started, and how far technology has come.

“You cant put a number on all the things that matter. How do you measure the beauty of a UI? You don’t, but that doesn’t make it less valuable.” — Aaron Walker, MailChimp

Muzli’s Weekly Design Inspirations, an absolute delight and something I look forward to every week .

Paola Antonelli’s TED talk on Treating Design as Art. She makes arguments I agree and disagree with, and a few things probably don’t apply anymore, but its inspiring and informational.

I found this when I was searching for answers with a science degree in one hand and my paintbrush in the other:”Design is a combination of the intentionality of structure in science with the ambiguity of answers in art.” — random person I’m grateful to

Elle Luna’s podcast on Design Matters. She addresses design, art, storytelling, and the intersection between career and passion.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics for Saturday mornings, but also especially Monday mornings and random other times and days of the week.