EventEater Application Prototype

This project is a prototype for an application dedicated to events happening in and around the UCI campus. Students create profiles and select genres of events, which are broadly categorized as “leisure” and “professional”, that they want to be notified about. The application will keep in mind their preferences, and also give them notifications based on popular events and events their friends have RSVP’d for. This app also “learns” from previous events and improves its recommendations based on reviews from users. The logo is inspired by the UCI mascot (Peter the Anteater)! This concept came to life because of the number of times we heard people talking about how so many events happen across campus and most people don’t know about half of them! This led to us developing the idea and prototype for EventEater, a centralized event information and recommendation system for all things UCI. 

Team – 2 members

My contribution – Design of UI and the logo. Created initial mockups on paper and final prototye on JustinMind prototyper. 


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