Anya – Personal Events

This project is an Android application, Anya, that organizes the photos in the gallery of the user across another dimension; into events or moments, rather than just according to date and time. These sorted images then form a meaningful story of an event that took place in the user’s life. Users can then view their photos as a part of the events at which they were taken.

Two important aspects that were focussed on – the UI and the development of the application. “Anya” means moments, or memories in Norwegian (we chose it because I have a penchant for exotic sounding words in different languages!). I designed the logo, home screen and other gallery UI elements on Photoshop and Illustrator. The development was done by me and my project partner.

Team – 2 people

My contribution – Design of UI, Logo and Gallery elements on Photoshop and JustinMind prototyper. Developed the module that mines all information about events from all calendars that are linked to the users account using the Calendar Provider android API. 

We developed the application on Android Studio. The application accesses all calendar information and EXIF metadata embedded into photos, and uses both to collect and categorize images into particular events. The gallery itself has a comparatively less implemented feature – vertical scrolling for different events and horizontal scrolling for images within each event, all on the same page. This provides the user with a comprehensive experience without having to go into a lot of screens/pages.

Finally, I designed a future UI theme for the application, with circles representing different events. These would flash different images belonging to the event like a slideshow. Different sizes of the spheres are according to the number of pictures in each event. At the bottom of the page, there are tags from pictures of the owner uploaded on Facebook by other people. Clicking on it would take them to the site.

Future vision for what the gallery can look like
Future vision for what the gallery can look like


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